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Kitchen-Aid Artisan Kitchen Machine


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The build displays the iconic Kitchen-Aid Artisan kitchen machine in red and chrome.

I had the idea for this build, because my girlfriend aspires to get one of these beautiful machines, one day and I myself am fascinated by the build quality of it.

I think this makes a great LEGO set, as Kitchen-Aid is also a company who emphasizes high quality standards.

The build consists of 536 parts and could be extended with other tools that can be attached to the machine or a mixing bowl, also made from LEGO bricks.
It has a size of 23x12 studs on its base and is approximately 15 standard-bricks high.
The "head" is hollowed out to make it lighter, while the "stand" is solid, to make the construction more stable. The head can also be tilted, just like on the original.
There could also be enough space in the head of the machine, to fit a small electric motor, to turn the tools, which would make it even more realistic.

UPDATE March 24, 2021:
I added a bowl to the build, increasing the total number of parts to 730.
The bowl itself has a size of approximately 18 x 19 studs and is big enough to allow the stirrer to potentially spin in it (I'm still trying to figure out, how to install a motor in the "head" of the machine, to make it acutally work :)

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