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Once Upon A Time: Pirate Cove


The Story: Beyond the land of the peaceful beings, lies the Ancress Ocean, filled with Krakens and monsters beyond your darkest nightmares. The despicable Pirate, Captain Jacaras, dwells here with his loyal crew, ready to plunder anyone who they come across on the voyages to the peaceful lands. It is in their secret cove that the nasty scoundrels hold a female Elf villager prisoner, and watch wickedly, as the local shark beast comes for another free meal... Little do they know, that an Elf Battalion Commander has stowed away on the Pirates' plundering ship, and has come to rescue the Elf villager. Can the Elf Commander rescue the Elf villager and take the treasure?... or will the Pirates feed him to the shark beast as well? YOU decide!    

The Set: The set is the Pirates' home base (a cove of a sort), a shark that can fit a single minifigure in its mouth (with printed eyes (though not in the picture)), and a small rowboat. The play features of the set include a trapdoor (activated by pulling on technic axel connected to a 1 by 1 cone brick, which allows the trapdoor to swing downward (see picture 14)), a treasure chest (which would hold two bars of gold (1 by 2 gold colored bricks), six gold colored coins ( worth 1, 2, 10, 20, 30, and 40), and three diamonds ( transparent green, transparent blue, and transparent red ones) (they are not in image 12 because Lego Digital Designer would not allow me to put them in the chest (you can sort of see them in images 2 and 3)), a rotating cannon (which would fire 1 by 1 round bricks ( four of the bricks are included in the set, as well as the tool used in real life to load the cannon (it is brick built in the set)), and the tower used to hold a minifigure above the water or shark (it spins a full 360 degrees (at the two 2 by 2 round bricks on top of the tower) and has a clip at the end of the technic axel in order to attach handcuffs to hold the minifigure).

The Minifigures: There would be five minifigures included in this set, as well as a skull head. The two Elves, skeleton, skeleton head, and the male Pirate with the bandana would be included with the set, as shown in the Lego Digital Designer images. The Pirate captain and female Pirate would be included with the set as shown in images 16 and 17. The female Pirate, however will have the hair pictured in the Lego Digital Designer images (that is why she is bald in images 16 and 17).

The Accessories:  The total number of accessories included in this set is 22. They are: the items in the chest, the elf sword/spear and (would be printed) shield, a Pirate sword, gun, and rifle, a telescope/spyglass, two oars, handcuffs, a sextant, and a bottle.

Problems: The only problem with this set is that, since the female Elf's hair is so long (and just the way that it is) you would have to attach her to the handcuffs on the tower with only one hand, or from the front.

Other Information: This set has a total number of 177 bricks. I think that this set is mostly for boys who like either fantasy themed sets or pirate themed sets. I believe that this set is securely built except for the tower (I think that a technic axle and some modifications to the bricks underneath it would fix that problem).

This set was really fun to design, and I appreciate you taking a look at it.

Please support, follow me, and tell me how I could improve this set.

Also, please look at my other sets.

Once again, Thank You! and I'll see you later. Good Bye! 


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