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Playing In Space Since 1978


Playing In Space Since 1978

Let me introduce you to my new LEGO Ideas project.

Have you ever wondered how our Spacemen Heroes could travel for almost 40 years through space without getting older or bored to death?

Here’s your answer. For forty years our heroes have been playing with LEGO bricks!

I was reorganizing some minifigs when I found a spaceman that I used to play with when I was a child, having him live the most amazing adventures. And I started wondering “He’ll be 40 in a little while, what’s his secret?”

So, I imagined him, together with all his travelling companions, playing with a LEGO Space base for forty years.

Until today they have built two monorails with stations, a base with two control towers, a rocket with launch base, some spaceships and some trucks. What else can you build?

Maybe it’s true that playing with LEGO bricks keeps you young.

This set would look good in a showcase, on a shelf or on a desk, but it could also (in a contained space) make you feel children again by playing with it, or changing it and creating the base you always wanted to build as children.

The 40th anniversary might be the right moment to see our beloved Space minifig come back.

This project could act as a springboard, but it needs your vote.

If you loved this series when you were children, you can’t move past this.


Thank you.

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