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Rainbow Within Clouds

As LEGO lovers, I believe many of you have played puzzle boxes. Each kind of box has its unique design, as well as the goal of solving it. Like opening the lid of the box or finding little parts hidden inside.

The creation I brought here today is something like a puzzle box. Its goal is to open the drawer on top of it and find out why the puzzle is named “Rainbow Within Clouds”. The drawer has a container space of 4x6x2.8 for you to put some small objects inside (it can also be used to contain folded paper, who knows).
The inspiration of this puzzle box comes from a design I found on the official site called “the Road Of Rainbow” (or sth else I didn’t remember, sorry for that), but that one has nearly no place to put stuff in (which is weird because boxes are made to hold things), so I made a new one with more space.
In order to make sure everyone gets the original experience in playing it, I did not show the inside of the box in the images. To make the whole thing a little more difficult to solve, the outside of the box is completely white.
Lots of difficulties were met in the making of the box. The hardest ones being terrible internet connection and the lack of resources in designing the digital instructions (the building part itself seemed to take me an eternity). Fortunately, when you see this, it means I have finally succeeded. Even if this work of mine didn’t make it to the end, this is a happy ending to me. I really learned a lot in this unusual experience. Still, you’re welcome to vote for the puzzle box. :)

Thank you for your patience.

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