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Classic Car on the Highway

How detailed can a Lego car be?
Its been roughly three years since i started this project. The goal of the project was to create a highly detailed Lego car. Many hours later i am glad to present the car and some fitting accessories.

This car is based on classic car design from the early 1950s and includes accessories from the same time period. Its placed on a north-american highway in the desert.

The set includes a Classic car, a gas pump, a bus station, a Police motorcycle, a cactus, a road sign and 5 minifigures with accessories. A couple on vacation, a mechanic operating the gas pump, a young student waiting for the bus and a police man for the motorcycle.

The car is the star of the set and includes a ton of realistic details such as a opening hood, doors, bonnet, 4 cylinder engine, complete drivetrain and a rear axle, exhaust system, detailed interior, a car jack and many other features.

The gas pump module has details such as two fuel pumps, a air pump to check tire pressure, a fire extinguisher and a bucket.

The bus stop has features such as a telephone, light post, a bench with a newspaper and a trash can.

A cactus and a road sign was added to give the set a feeling of being on a highway running through the desert.

As i like vintage motorcycles quite a bit i added a good looking police bike to the set. It has some details such as bags on the side, a police light on the back and a little antenna.

5 Minifigures is included in the set and they all have accessories to increase playability and realism of the set.

Small details may change as i will continue to make it look even better. Some pictures may change as i learn more about 3D rendering. The different parts of this set has been constructed with real bricks to ensure that every connection is valid. The reason i decided to constuct the model online was lack of parts in the right color and a proper camera.

Total piece count: 825

The journey for this set has been long and sometimes tricky but i am very pleased with the outcome and i hope this set becomes a Lego set. what do you think about the set? Feel free to leave a comment down below :)

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