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Vega-7 Space Lander


The Vega-7 Space Lander is a Lego play set concept in the Classic Space theme. The play set consists of a landing module, a rover vehicle, and four (4) Lego minifigures. Given the tremendous success of the Lego Ideas Exo-Suit set that featured two Classic Space minifigures in the previously unreleased color of green, the Classic Space minifigures proposed for this set are in the previously unreleased colors of orange (X2) and light gray (X2).

In addition to featuring unique Lego minifigures and other special elements that are sure to attract adult fans (such as windscreens never before released in transparent yellow), this proposed set is well detailed and designed with maximum playability in mind. The main landing module has the following fun features:

  • Folding landing legs neatly tucked in underneath the module which expose the landing thrusters when extended
  • Exterior ladders and extendible radar dish
  • Exterior lifting airlock hatch and interior sliding airlock door designed to fit one minifigure
  • Two command stations with swiveling chairs, control pads and transparent data screens
  • Medical lab with examination table
  • Workshop with bench and tools
  • Spacesuit storage area where the helmets and air tanks for all four minifigures can be placed and exchanged for hair pieces.  

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the landing module is its roof. Rather than having a plain removable roof with no play value, the top of the module is actually a separate saucer-shaped spaceship! This allows play to continue inside the landing module "base" while the saucer spaceship goes off on other adventures. The spaceship can hold up to three (3) minifigures and features a detailed cockpit, ejection seats, and spring-loaded shooters. Additionally, once the spaceship top is removed the landing module "base" is hinged to open into two halves. This expands the play area and allows for easier access to interior play elements. The large windscreens of the module are also designed to remove easily.

The final part of this play set is the rover vehicle. Although the rover itself is not stored in or incorporated into the lander, it is included in the set to fulfill the need for wheeled fun! The rover has a detailed cab, big tires, removable side rockets (or sensors), front utility arms, scanner dishes, and a storage container in the back. As a throwback to Classic Space set #6841 Mineral Detector, the scanner dishes for the rover can be mounted to the extended utility arms.

In designing this set it was important to use the least amount of parts possible while still maintaining a sturdy, playable model. The initial concept was for a space base on fixed supports attached to baseplates, also hinged to open. This concept used less parts but had most of the same play features as the final concept. Ultimately, the decision was made to turn it into lander with folding legs so it would have more playability than a static base. Construction methods used in Lego's Alien Conquest and Galaxy Squad series sets were studied and incorporated to reduce the total part count so that the final set might not be too expensive and also for the construction level to be moderately challenging for children age 9 and up.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Lego Ideas design submission. I feel it is a rather fun and well designed concept that provides a lot of playability for kids while also appealing to adult builders and collectors. Hopefully it will get the necessary support to reach the official review level!

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