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Dakar Rally Truck that Jumps and Drives!

This robust truck, based off of the Dakar rally trucks, features bouncy independent suspension on all wheels plus pull-back action! The truck uses technic construction to ensure durability even in the roughest terrain. The rear axle is powered by a LEGO pull-back motor to provide the truck with propulsion for fun stunts! Independent suspension on each wheel makes the truck super bouncy and allows it to land jumps with ease. The front axle also features lockable steering with a tight turning radius and durable mechanism. The steering can be locked through removing an axle from the storage rack in the rear of the truck and inserting it into a hole in front of the steering shaft, locking the shaft in place through a technic arm (yellow) mounted on the shaft. Locking the steering allows the truck to hit jumps squarely without suddenly turning in the wrong direction. With its durability and numerous play features, this truck provides hours of stunt fun, with its ability to perform jumps and drive through uneven terrain. The truck can also be posed for display, making an excellent desktop model thanks to its accurate details and fun color scheme mimicking those found on the prototype trucks.

Overview of features:
  • Rear wheel drive powered by powerful pull-back motor
  • Independent, bouncy suspension on all wheels
  • Front axle, locking steering
  • Posable mirrors and detailed interior
  • Spare tires and steering component rack
  • Lots of lights
  • Durable, technic construction that can withstand being "jumped" down the stairs

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