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Lego Pirates Starter Kit - Girls and/or Boys Version


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Hello and welcome to my 7th Project.

Lego Pirates Starter Kit for Girls and/or Boys.
My Idea: One Set in two versions.

Both Starter Sets would contain:
The Main Deck
The Dungeon
The Look-Out (also 2 Versions)
The Treasure (maybe hidden in a Jungle or in a fortres)
The Cannon (maybe two of them)

and then

The Girls Crew (and for example with a cat and a squirrel)
The Boys Crew (and for example with the bird)

With the Starter-Kit you can play pirate and have
all important parts of a storyplay.
So its not so expensive...but its modular.
You can extend it...even if you have a ship.
Rebuild it...and it will become a pirate-ship.

You can also play: Boys vs Girls...who is the best pirate.

Maybe Lego create a "Minifigure Pack" if you buy one Pack and need the other crew.

I love my Idea...
Also the Lego World needs more Girls in Sets.
I would prefer the Girls Crew.

Now its up to you!
Please support my Team and let the Girls rule.
Lego NEEDS more Girls

Vote for: Pirates Starter Kit

Thanks and have a nice x-Mas time

PS: You can also look at my other Projects

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