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Mixed-color bricks and elements

I realize this is a rather abstract picture to show as the first image, but see more concrete images below...

LEGO hobbyists all know that multi-color/tie-dye/swirled bricks are quite valuable nowadays, although that was not always the case. My idea is to create a series of these bricks in specific textural patterns, in particular WOODGRAIN and MARBLE. I think that this could really enhance model realism, since the color will not merely be a decal or printed pattern, but will run throughout the brick or element's plastic structure, making it indelible.

Imagine adding tiles that have a marble pattern swirled in plastic!
Imagine how 'thinking outside the (solid-colored) brick' could transform your MOCSs!

These screenshots come from and show two examples of off-cast 'swirled-color' or 'mixed color' LEGO elements.

This image comes from and shows a LEGO brick from the 1949-1956 era. To quote from the article:

"And to top it all of there are even marbled bricks! These bricks had multiple colors in them, coming in beautiful swirls. Marbled bricks were considered second-grade quality and sold for less than the full color bricks. Today it is the opposite."

Above is an image juxtaposing the real-wood 'LEGOs' manufactured by the Japanese company Mokulock with the a 1x4 reddish-brown 'woodgrain' tile that LEGO currently carries.

With my proposal, you could get real, plastic LEGOs that truly simulate actual woodgrain--imagine how great this would be for trees, ships, even fortress doors or siege engines--the possibilities are literally endless!

These come courtesy and illustrate 'glitter bricks'. Flecking is also present to a lesser degree in the so-called 'metallics' that LEGO currently offers:

316 - Titanium Metallic
315 - Silver Metallic
297 - Warm Gold

This illustrates how this "mixing" is already practiced to a limited extent in the manufacturing of LEGOs; I simply wish to expand on the idea!

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