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Living on a Farm


Two weeks later from the submit of Little Vegetable Garden project, I decided to enlarge the set and to project a new modular set.
In fact the theme is the life on a farm but I've prepared the creation in a base plate 16x32 that has the fences only in two sides so, if you want you can add some baseplate to enlarge the farm. The pathwat in the corner can continue in some different ways.
The scene shows a simple way to grow tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables using a little walking tractor, and a litte piece of ground. I like tractors and so I know that agricolture today is very different because farmers use some heavy equipments and big extensions, but I think that this set is near the child immagination of the life on a farm.

The walking tractor is a precious working tool in agriculture and it's mainly used for soil tilling
but in combination with other tool, can be used to carry out a number of different works like plough the snow, finely till the soil to prepare it for sowing, to till the ground between the rows
I am sure at 99% that Lego has never released a walking tractor, so this is a real new vehicle.

Enjoy the gallery!!

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