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Furniture - Entertainment Center


Thank you for looking at this project.

In a recent article I was writing about the evolution of Lego sets, I realized that in the early 1970's there were a series of sets that represented furnished rooms in a house.  While these sets were in a scale larger than the current minifigure, the idea was still a solid one.  I created this model with the hopes of merging an old idea with a new one - creating furniture for minifigures.

This model is an entertainment center.  I used a SNOT technique so that the frame of the TV would have the same width around its perimeter.  Also included are a picture frame (really just a cheese slope), a DVD player, a set of books and a trophy.

The base of this model uses all upright bricks and the SNOT-attached parts leave enough clearance so that it can be placed directly onto a Lego surface (such as a baseplate). 

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