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Clash of Clans: Mini Scale Village


This is a recreation of the popular app/game Clash of Clans!

This set includes 220 pieces and can price anywhere from 19.99 to 24.99 US$ or about 14.77 to 18.47 euros. This set includes:

  • A builders hut
  • A bomb
  • A level 2 army camp
  • A level 8 town hall
  • A level 4 elixir storage
  • A level 5 gold storage
  • A level 6 archer tower
  • A level 3 cannon that can turn 360
  • Troops include: 5 giants, 5 barbarians(yellow), 5 archers(pink), and 5 wizards(blue)
  • And last but not least a barbarian mini-figure
    Some will need improvement, and the troops will need printing. I am working on more buildings and redesigning the ones here. Please support, like, and comment. No opinion is wrong!



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