Product Idea

Toyota Gt-86

The Toyota Gt-86 is here!

And it's also the Scion Fr-S. And close enough to the Subaru BR-Z! But more to the point, this car is a fun, economical sports car. Designed jointly by Subaru and Toyota, the car has a flat 4 boxer engine and rear-wheel drive for less than the price of a shopping center.

The Toyobaru's Features:

  • A detailed 4 cylinder Boxer engine and engine bay.
  • Authentic exterior styling
  • Slightly-less-authentic-than-the-exterior but-still-pretty-good interior
  • Working independent suspension and steering
  • Opening hood, doors, and trunk lid

Behind the Subarota:

  • One of the key aspects of the Gt-86 was it's compact, rear wheel drive chassis and attitude toward driving. One need not have a thousand horsepower to have a good time; the Gt86 has a mere 197 horsepower and is still one of the most beloved new sports cars around.

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