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Mecha "Scorpion"


"Machine creature"
The distant future, the environment of the earth was harsh.
A highly developed AI has created a Mecha adapted to its natural environment.
The Mecha was designed with reference to living things.
From living creatures that have survived since ancient times, we can learn a lot.

The creature that "Scorpion" is the oldest in the world in the class arthropoda.
The big individual becomes 20 centimeters.
The poison of most scorpions is not a deadly poison for a human being.
However, there is the Scorpion with very dangerous poison among them.
There is the property that a body shines in green when the scorpion puts a black light in darkness.

Because I can move it freely, this model can decorate each part joint with a pose to like.
Even if there is not a stand, I can stand straight.

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