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Daffy and Porky Brickheadz

Hello, this is my first ‘Ideas’ project. It is not extravagant as some others on this website but it would be awesome to see on shelves. I created this because I love the characters especially Daffy and I would like to see some of him in LEGO. I digitally designed this set and I hope you will give me support to make this happen. You do not have to like my creation but it would be awesome if you supported it so it can happen. Please feel free to share this with anybody and it would really mean a lot to me. The two characters are Porky Pig and Daffy Duck which can be seen above. Sorry that the quality of the photos are not great but hopefully that will not deteriorate you from helping me make this into an official LEGO set. Thank you for your time and hopefully we can make this happen. That’s All Folks! 

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