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Bendy and the Ink Machine: Throne Room Showdown

Taken from the famous Bendy and the Ink Machine video game: Bendy's Throne Room, where Ink Bendy lived in reclusive seclusion when not stalking the hallways of Joey Drew Studios. This set has 301 pieces.



The throne is an old, slimy leather office chair with bent pipes, resembling horns, sticking out from the top corners. Placed on the end of the pipes are small, ink-dripping chains. The chair stands upon a large mound of ink, surrounded by multiple projectors displaying Bendy cartoons. Joey Drew's final audio log is laying in the ink, alongside a reel holder. Three gears merged in the ink can be used to step up to the chair. In the throne, a reel labeled "The End" can be found and used in the reel holder next to the throne.

The room is large, and octagonal in shape, with lining the walls are several pipes and pistons. Several projection boards are suspended in the air by chains, displaying Bendy cartoons through the throne's projectors. The room is lit by a single, industrial lantern welded in the tall, pipe-riddled ceiling. The Ink Machine's lift mechanisms can be seen at the back of the room. However, despite the Ink Machine's lift deactivating moments earlier, they continue to run.

Includes 2 stickers to put on the 2x brick-built screens (1 on each side of the thrown) that can show scenes of the Bendy Show

*stickers are Images 11 & 12


Contains 6 Minifigures:

1x Allison Angel

1x Tom

1x Ink Bendy

1x Piper

2x Searcher

And 1 exclusive brick-built Beast Bendy that can burst through the wall behind the throne.



1x brick-built Gent Pipe

1x Gold Weapon Machete

1x Warm Gold Hand Gorilla Fist

1x Warm Gold Utensil Tool Pipe Wrench

1x Audio Log 1x2 Tile

1x "The End" Reel 2x2 Circle Tile w/ Hole in Center

*the ax in boris's picture is not included

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