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Brickheadz Minifigure Anatomy


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This take on a standard Brickheadz design provides a cutaway view of the inside of a classic LEGO Minifigure. It primarily uses the 5 classic LEGO colors in available parts, and is a relatively small yet detailed set.

On the left, the set shows a classic Minifigure with a stud on top and anti-stud in the leg. On the right, the skeleton is revealed complete with a heart, lung and hidden brain! I think this is a great set for young and old to appreciate, and it makes a great display for a shelf or desk.

I am a lifelong fan of LEGO and recently got back into building after my daughter was born. As I started digging through my old sets from the ‘90s and engaging with the community, I discovered Bricklink The ability to design my own sets with endless pieces has been so inspiring I wanted to share one of my favorite creations.

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