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The Ancient Starship Crash Site


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One day, a space freighter detected something strange while passing by a planet. When it went down to investigate, it found a massive ship that had crashed many many years ago.
How did this happen?
Who was in the ship?
That is for you to decide.

This is a model of a starship that crashed on an alien planet, being discovered for the first time in eons by a much smaller ship, a freighter. It's a static model, there aren't any moving parts.

This model is on a 16x48 base, and consists of 992 pieces. The reason I built it started with the ship. It wasn't going to be a crashed spaceship originally, I just made ship by itself. But then I realized it wold be cool if I made a crash site, so I made the ship look more weathered by changing the white to light grey, changing a few pieces to dark tan and taking off pieces here and there. Then I attached it at an angle to the base. I think it turned out pretty well.

Surprisingly, the most difficult part of making the model was making the tiny freighter. I went through quite a few different spaceship designs until I created this one, which I'm satisfied with.

I think this would be a great LEGO set, imagine it sitting on your desk or table, attracting eyes. It would be interesting to look at, and you can make up its history yourself!

I still have the original ship without the weathering and base, and plan to submit it as well soon. Sign up for emails on my website (link in my profile) to get updates so you'll know when it and other creations I make come out on LEGO Ideas!

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