Product Idea

Gerry Anderson's Stingray

Video advert!


A little publicity never hurt, yes? Show your friends! 

Interior detail and thanks


First of all, my thanks to everyone who's supported so far - both new Ideas joiners and those who have seen many projects come and go! At the time of writing this is already my most successful project after only a couple of weeks, and I was amazed by getting over 50 supporters in just one day over the weekend! Fingers crossed! 

I realised having put the original images up that they didn't give much of a clue as to what's on the inside, so I thought it might be helpful if I did a sort of cut-away render so you can see the various controls, monitors and the reactor! Gerry Anderson show models were always incredibly detailed and even looking at it from this angle I can think of a few tweaks I could do over time.  I hope you'll forgive any floating piece in the render, I may have hidden too much or not enough in places!

Please do share the link around, I do what I can on Twitter and the like, but every little helps.  Stay safe!