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Treasure Island

These three daring explorers have set out in search of an adventure. During their journey, they come across an interesting island in the ocean. They decide to explore it. They notice a rowboat on the shore and behind it a pirate skeleton. What could have happened here? The pirate must have been here quite a long time, but why didn’t he leave? His boat is intact, he could have left... He is holding a golden artifact, could that be the reason why he stayed? Could there be more of that treasure hidden here? The explorers notice a cave in the rock formation, guarded by a poisonous spider. What could be in this cave? It is up to these explorers to find out….

The model is built in classic style. Approx. 300 pieces. 4 minifigures (3 explorers, 1 skeleton).
The island consists of the rock formation, hollowed out to create a spacious cave. A small pool is located on the top, with a small waterfall to the rear.

I hope you like it. :) 

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