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Winter Canal Skateway

The Winter Canal Skateway is a fun winter play set based on the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - the world's largest ice skating rink. The set represents a segment of the 7.8km real world canal which has frozen over during the winter season and is open to the public for ice skating. The main feature of the set is the ice skating surface, surrounded by a detailed landscape including an ice skate rental hut and hot drink stand.

As a Canadian I skated on the Rideau Canal Skateway when I was a teenager. I thought that translating the winter wonderland experience I had into a buildable play set was a compelling idea that should be shared with others who have not had this unique experience. I enjoyed outlining the canal and adding interesting details to round out the scene which brought back some great memories. In recent years climate change has been impacting the length of the skating season on the Rideau Canal Skateway meaning a smaller number of skating days each year. I think it is important to highlight the real world consequences of climate change on fun activities that we all enjoy today.

The Skateway would make a great LEGO set because it brings a magical winter wonderland experience to life for the builder. The Skateway presents a satisfying build that involves varied landscape elements and play features. As you progress through the build you can imagine yourself in the scene walking across the crunchy snow to the skate rental hut. After lacing up you can head down to the canal and glide along with your friends before grabbing a hot drink to warm up from the cold. The set has great potential for play, but would also look lovely as a display piece featuring numerous charming details.

All pieces exist in their respective colours, only the light/lamp pieces have a glow added in the render.

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