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Shrek's Swamp Home

This is my second attempt at this project, I have made some adjustments, added details and tided up the presentation. Hopefully this time round we can make it!

First appearing in 2001, Shrek's iconic swamp home is the centrepiece of the famous Shrek saga. Recreated authentically with lego bricks to bring out the distinct swampy feel, this set also unfolds to reveal a detailed interior. This project was hard work but was great fun to design :)

The cosy interior features a fireplace, table, chair, boiling pot, a rug for donkey and many more details. The whole interior is easily accessible or can be closed up making it ideal for playing and displaying!
Plus, this set also includes Shrek's outhouse, where the film began!

If you, like me, want to take this set home, please support the project!

815 Parts (including minifigure)

  • Built and rendered in brinklink studio
  • Build time: Around 6-8 hours

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