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Modular Deli

This is my Deli MOC, I worked for 3 whole days on this (I did sleep but not much lol), so I hope you all like it. I built this because I wanted to make an addition to go next to my brick bank, but I couldn't afford to buy another modular set, so I built my own, and I am very proud of it. This is my first MOC of this scale and density, so it was a lot of work. I feel this would be a great set because as far as I know we don't have a deli/bakery modular building for modular cities, and because it has a nice selection of colours and details that grab people's attention.

On the bottom floor, we have the main Deli on the left, it has a nice big, glass window out front, so minifigures can walk past and see all the food in the window. There is a big lamp by the door and a white and yellow canopy above the window. Inside the Deli, there are lots of foodstuff to choose from in the window and in the display counter. Behind the counter, we have stored some new food stock and there are two doors, one leads out the back to a nice little bench (couldn't get a picture of this uploaded, sorry), and the other door that leads upstairs to a nice apartment with luxury red carpets. There are cabinets dotted around with shiny treasures on display, there is also a computer and blue crystal chandelier hanging above the table in the centre of the room (this is attached inside the 3rd floor segment, so it was difficult to get a picture of this). There is a door at the back of this apartment that leads out to a staircase taking you up to the rooftop garden fitted with a deck chair for lounging about and some climbing plants on the wall.

To the right, we have a small apartment. Through the door there is a staircase in front of you and a hallway leading to the kitchen on the right. Inside, you will find lots of cabinets and things hanging from the walls, there is also a coat rack with a hat hanging from it (personally, I'm very proud of the coat rack, for the amount of pieces there, it looks pretty accurate). Through to the kitchen there is a sink, a toaster and a blender and some nice abstract art on the wall. Up the stairs, there is a desk with a red lamp, an air conditioner built into the wall above the desk. Above the stairs, there is a trophy on display, there is one more room at the front with a comfy blue bed (again couldn't upload this image either, wasn't able to put 26 images lol).

Apologies for some parts being yellowed or discoloured, they were the only parts I had in my inventory.

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