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Woodland Shops

Welcome to the Woodland Shops, a small shopping area within the edges of a city. It contains a small waterfall flowing into a river, with three shops surrounding it.

The first is Ally's Apparel, a clothing store. Next to it is a freshwater fishing store, which spans two floors. The final store can be reached by crossing a bridge, that being Outdoor Outlet. This store contains loads of outdoor gear and accessories. Above the clothing store is a small apartment, which a full bathroom and mini kitchen. There are tons of nature details here, including a massive tree overlooking the river.
Included are eight minifigures, a raft, various animals, and lots of plant pieces. It contains 2,985 pieces and is built on a 16X32 baseplate and a 32X32 baseplate. I thought it would be a cool idea to combine these multiple stores into one location in a nature like setting, just like my Beachtown series.

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