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Market Square


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   Enter the bustling market square filled with rich aromas, visit the wine merchent and buy a rich red or perhaps a vintage white. Watch the Jester as he makes jokes and entertains the children. Purchase some freshly baked, warm crisp bread from the bakers an perhaps a pie to go with it. Then get some fresh meat from the butcher's stall. Take it all back to your house and prepare a lovely meal for lunch!

   This is my second installation to a medieval market town I'm hoping to create. It will feature things like a smithy, a stable, a bakers, a market square etc... This can be bought just as a single model or you can collect as many of the buildings as possible to make a lively and colourful medieval town!

   I haven't put much furniture in to the house, however there is plenty of space to add drawers, tables, chairs etc... Let your imagination take you away!

   In my first draft I had forgotten to add the Chimney! I've now added it in to the pictures for you to see.


   Minifigures: Peasant woman, Peasant man, Peasant boy, Wine Merchant, Jester, Butcher, Antiques seller, Spearman, Knight, Baker, Dog, Cat, Pig and two Chickens.


   4 Stalls

   Modular House

   Much Food :-)

   Much Wine

   Small Garden

   Water Well