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Museum of History


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This project is based on a museum of world history. I love history, I enjoy studying it, and I figured I'd make a nice model to portray my love for history.

This set features four exhibits for display (with plaques!), a small souvenir shop, a reception desk, and a small cafe. The exhibits are interchangeable, allowing you to make your own exhibits and display them along with the base exhibits!

Minifigures include the museum curator, and several mannequins for the exhibits (along with a statue). The exterior features a small flag with a plaque, benches to rest on, and... windows! I chose to include just a curator figure because kids may want to supply their own workers or visitors. I believe this would have a huge playability factor because kids (and adults) could enjoy designing their own exhibits for display, and having visitors come and see what they made.

The current base exhibits would be five exhibits (four for display and one extra for swapping out.) The base exhibits would be a caveman with his tools, an astronaut ready to plant his flag near his lander, two soldiers having a duel, an Arctic researcher out exploring with his dogs, and a diver exploring the bottom of the ocean. As well, a template for designing your own exhibits and adding them to the display.

I maintain my own private collection of historical artifacts, and the design for this museum came from my  thoughts for how I'd build my own museum.

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated, so give feedback please! Thanks for looking, and I hope you support and share!


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