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Skeleton Island


The infamous Skeleton Island was a pirate battleground. It started as a little fishing dock for people in the nearby towns to get food and make money. Pirates from far away islands attacked the dock, pillaged the nearby towns destroying the fishing dock. This was unexpected by the townspeople and it did not end well. There were only a few survivors and they barely managed escaped. One hundred years later a young explorer named Joshua Jones found the battlefield and decided it was a good place to conduct research. He found lots of life on the island including crocodiles, sharks, octopuses, fish, crabs, frogs, and snakes. Also there are two row boats that men used to try to escape the island but did not make it. A dead tree dominates the dock and is starting to crush the dock with it's roots. There is a small waterfall running out of the rocks by the dock that is used as a freshwater drinking source.

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