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Mob Psycho 100 - Spirits and Such Consultation Office

Welcome to the Spirits and Such Consultation Office from the critically acclaimed anime Mob Psycho 100!

This model of the Spirits and Such office has everything you would expect: Reigen's desk and work area, Mob's desk, storage cabinets, lounge area, and many other fine details!

Minifigures include the eighth grade psychic Mob and his mentor Reigen! Also included is a brick built version of Dimple, the upper-class evil spirit!

Series Info:
Middle schooler Shiego Kageyama (aka Mob) is your average middle school boy. Despite his look, he is actually a Esper with very powerful psychic powers. In order to control his strong psychic powers, he must live under an emotional shackle. Mob works as an assistant to the self proclaimed psychic and con-man Reigen Arataka to learn how to control his abilities. Despite Mob just wanting to live a normal life, lots of trouble just keeps coming his way. 

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