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The Rainbow Fish

As a book read by almost every child, The Rainbow Fish gently swims through every everyone's mind.
And now it can swim through everyone's room...

The set is designed to be build with kids and their parents together, and to be standing on the bedside table while the story is being read. The Rainbow Fish is easily removable from its stand so it's easy to just pick up and play with. The tail fin and side fins can freely move, the fin under the tail a little bit. The scales are desgined in a way they can be easily replaced to the child's likings. The Rainbow Fish is fully covered on both sides. The angle of the eyes is also adjustable and the base can be freely moved, 360°. The base also includes some extra stuff to be played with, like a seashell with a pearl.

The set contains 419 bricks.
If you like it, please support and share it with as many parents and children possible. Thanks in advance.

Note: As the uploader of the project I don't own any of the rights to the IP itself. The title "The Rainbow Fish", the writer & his name (Marcus Pfister), and the font(s) these titles / names were written in are not my property. The edited background image is also not my property. All of these addressed points are property of Marcus Pfister, the writer of "The Rainbow Fish", and NordSüd Verlag, the publisher.
The background image was taken from here:
The Title and Writer's name were extracted from the first image of the slides on this page:

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