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Space Colony

Hey! Thanks for checking out my Space Colony product idea. It took me between two and four weeks to build and is composed of probably around 1,000 pieces.

In my model, I've included several things. I have listed them all below, along with the details and features of each one.

Transport Spaceship:
- three large boosters at the rear
- laser cannon on top
- two laser guns (one on each side)
- opening windshield
- opening ramp (leads to interior)

- cockpit with controls
- lever (so the minifigure can open and close the ramp from the inside)
- supplies (booster, pipe, crates)

Single-Pilot Fighter Spaceship:
- two boosters
- guns
- room for pilot (droid)

Blobby (alien snail)
- yellow shell
- well-sculpted red body
- antennae
- eyes

- space jetpack
- walkie-talkie
- laser pistol
- head
- eyes
- mouth
- legs

- space plants
- rocks
- door (opens/closes)
- lever (so the minifigure can open and close the door from the outside)
- window

- lever (so the minifigure can open and close the door from the inside)
- four tables (each with scanning/research equipment on it)

2 Droids:
- mechanic droid
- pilot/assistant droid

Specimen Wagon:
- four wheels
- space for specimens
- specimens

3 Minifigures:
- laboratory scientist
- astronaut (in pilot suit)
- astronaut (in planet exploring suit)

Anyway, that’s about it! I hope you like this product idea and my model as much as I do. I put a lot of work into it, so if you like it, then please support it, give me your opinion on it and share it on social media. Also, don’t forget to check out my other projects!
Thanks! 😃🚀🛰👽

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