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Lego Head Store


Get yourself down to the Lego Head Store where our dedicated staff will help you choose from our extensive range.

Tired of your old head?

Need a head for a special occasion?

Always fancied a two sided head?

Why not give a head as a gift?

With years of experience we can give you advice and guidance in choosing a new head.

Here's what our customers say.

"Thank you, my life has changed now you've put the smile back on my face"

"My wife loved her new head, she said it was the most thoughtful present she had ever had"

"With a new two sided head it’s given me the confidence to go out again"

Put an end to those embarrassing situations being caught out wearing the wrong head. Get yourself down to the Lego Head Store today!


Lego Head Store Technical Info

- Includes two minifigures

- No two heads are the same

- Windows show both sides of two sided heads.

- 22 Heads to choose from

- 228 Pieces