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LEGO Architecture - Ellis Island

Everyone knows the most famous and iconic New York landmark, The Statue of Liberty. However, its sister island, Ellis Island, is enriched with the history of being the first stop for over 12 MILLION immigrants between 1892 & 1954, that came to the United States to start a brand new life of the American Dream. The perfect architecture build gift for any family or friends whos family began this same way. Display proudly next to The Statue of Liberty for the full feel and reminisce over the memories of how your grandparents, parents, or even yourself, started your new life in America and their first views of their new home.
I built this after finishing my Statue of Liberty piece and was wondering how I could add to it or come up with my own idea. I instantly thought of my Italian Nonno and Nonna arriving with their parents to Ellis Island in the late 1920's as toddlers. This was the very first piece of American land they, and the other 12 Million immigrants stepped foot on. 

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