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Rakugo Theatre and Sento

One side theatre another side bathhouse. Both would look good along side any Ninjago set. 

The bathhouse features, well a heated bath. It also has a shoe rack, a front desk and a painting of a setting sun. In the bath area there is a bucket and soap for bathers to wash up before getting in the heated bath. 

Rakugo is a traditional verbal entertainment that is performed by one seated performer. To achieve a story the performer changes voices and sometimes with slight movements. The stories are usually comedic in nature. Rakugo works include Jugemu and Shibahama. The rakugo theatre features a stage with a cushion for the performer to sit, a ticket booth and of course seats for the audience. On stage there is also a sign to inform the audience which performer and what act are going to happen.

There are three figures, a Rakugo master or yose, an audience member and a bat attendant. 

I hope you all enjoy this set as much as enjoyed building it. 

Bricks: 1015

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