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Magic Flight Box Kinetic Sculpture

My model "magic flight box" brings Lego planes and birds to life, by turning a simple crank!
To see it in action:

I was inspired to build this model after seeing Jason Allemanns's (JKBrickworks) kinetic sculptures and being fascinated by how he could make Lego seem so alive.
So the only logical response was to try and build one myself, which was at the same time easier and harder than I expected.
There really is a beauty in flying and seeing the landscape pass by underneath you, so that's exactly what I chose to build. I love watching birds and planes fly and I'm always stunned by how they can do it so effortlessly. If I managed to capture and recreate it in Lego in even the slightest way, I'm happy.

The bird and plane have a slightly different movement, the plane tilts from side to side whereas the bird flaps his wings. You can switch between those two in a matter of seconds. (shown in the linked video)
Plane and bird are easily replaceable, and several already existing Lego planes fit on the mount.
The landscape is easily changeable aswell.

I think this would make an awesome Lego set, because it brings Lego to life so easily, and due to its easy customization it allows for great creativity, which is really all Lego is about. The technique used is very simple and easy to understand for young and old and maybe even arouse the interest of the new generation in simple engineering in a fun way ;)
Also, that some existing Lego planes fit is a nice bonus.

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