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Old Timey Tornado

Tornadoes have been occurring for hundreds of years, however the ability to predict and document them has increased greatly in recent years. This build, which takes place in the late 1800s, features a very strong tornado striking an old red barn as the owner escapes the high winds on horse back. 

I built this because I find tornadoes, and weather in general interesting and I thought I could express it in Lego.

Why this build would make a great Lego Set? One of the biggest reasons is because there aren't really any weather themed sets, so this build would be unique and interesting to many people. The main thing that makes this build so interesting is the fact that it appears as if it is held together by nothing and some pieces even appear to be floating from some angles. However, the opposite is true, the build is actually very stable and held to gether in a very organized way. Also, the build would make a great decorative piece for any weather/Lego fans. 

The build includes:
The tornado
Red barn with removable roof
Flying debris
Detailed brick build tree
Torn path from the tornado
Farmer and horse
Lots of plant foliage, and a detailed rock

Part count:
About 1300 pieces

Conclusion statement:
Overall, this build would be a perfect set because it is an idea that hasn't really been done before, and it's built to peak the interest of many people.

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