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Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull: Hangar 51

After being abducted, Indiana Jones found himself at Hangar 51 where he was forced by Agent Spalko to help locate the body of an alien from the Roswell incident. This set is the part where they find the crate containing the body and open it.

Indiana Jones is probably my most favourite movie series. All the famous and mysterious topics that pop up are what makes this a great series! I only have 1 Indiana Jones set, seeing that I got it around the time they were discontinued, It was also when I started really getting into Lego.

The set contains:
~7 minifigures
-Indiana Jones
-Agent Spalko
-Colonel Dovchenko
-Two Soldiers
-Alien Body

It also contains a military vehicle, a bunch of crates and a bunch of tools(which clung to the alien crate in the movie because it was magnetic).

Pieces: 612

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