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"My name is John Crichton
An astronaut
A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole
Now I'm lost in some distant part of the Universe, on a ship
A living ship, full of strange alien life forms
Help me
Listen please
Is there anybody out there who can hear me?
I'm being hunted by an insane military commander
Doing everything I can
I'm just looking for a way home"

-John Crichton


Farscape is a science fiction adventure TV series. The series centers around John Crichton, an astronaut who gets lost in a distant part of the universe, where he encounters lots of aliens. John finds refuge and friends on a living ship named Moya. With his new alien friends, John battles enemies, fights monsters, outruns villains, and witnesses the wonders of space, all while trying to find a way back to Earth. Farscape utilized amazing puppetry for many of its aliens using Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, and at least two such lifelike puppets were part of the main cast. Farscape is a fun, awesome sci-fi adventure show, and would be a perfect fit for LEGO!


NOTE: While this set does contain many minifigures, it also contains FOUR BUILDS that I worked very hard on. The build of Pilot is very large and sturdy, and took me several days to build. In addition to the build of Pilot, there is also Pilot's control room, which is a build. The bridge of the ship and viewscreen provides scenery and a build. The ship design of Moya is a miniature build made of many pieces. Overall, this set is not a battlepack and contains many builds.

This set includes a miniature, brick built version of the Moya, the lead ship of the series. Also included is a portion of the bridge of Moya, the viewscreen, and Pilot’s control room. Seven minifigures plus a brick built Rygel, a brick built Pilot, and two DRDs are included.

The brick built ship Moya was a fun challenge, as I attempted to capture the organic shape of the space ship. I am pleased with the result. The clear blue pieces at the end represent the glowing effect just as Moya is about to starburst.

The brick built Pilot is one of my proudest creations. Props to the Creature Shop for creating such an amazing, life like, and sympathetic character using puppetry and animatronics. The brick built Pilot was a blast to make, as I love making creatures, and Pilot is such a uniquely shaped character. Pilot comes with his control room, but he is removable. His arms are also fully jointed and posable.

John Crichton: John Crichton is an astronaut trapped in the far reaches of space. John is smart, witty, tough, and ready to take on any alien challenge, no matter how strange they are, and in the far side of the universe, things can get pretty strange. John is always ready with a fast plan, a fist, or a pop culture reference that none of his alien crewmates understand.

Aeryn Sun: a former Peacekeeper, and now a fugitive from her former commanders. Aeryn is initially cold to her shipmates, though she quickly grows to care deeply for the Moya crew. She is also highly skilled with weaponry and is a crack shot.

Ka D’Argo: a tough as nails Luxan warrior. Armed with a sword/gun, D’Argo is always ready for a fight, though he’s less ready for John’s “alien” ways.

Zotoh Zhaan: a compassionate, powerful blue alien with physic abilities. She is also a plant based lifeform, surprisingly.

Chiana: A grey skinned Nebari girl. Chiana was deemed an outlaw by her people due to her free-spirited personality and desire to do what she wants to do. Chiana is a free spirit who does things her own way.

Bialar Crais: an “insane military commander” with a vendetta against John Crichton.

Scorpius: a soft spoken and devious associate of Crais.

Pilot (brick built): Pilot is a polite, considerate, four armed alien who is bonded to the living ship Moya. Pilot is aptly named, as he is the pilot of the ship. Pilot is concerned chiefly with the wellbeing of his crew and Moya, the ship.

Dominar Rygel XVI: A greedy, intelligent, and short Hynerian. Rygel is a former monarch who was overthrown. He can be selfish, but Rygel also has a heroic side and is loyal to the Moya crew.

DRDs (Diagnostic Repair Drones): DRDs are the small, slug like robots who patrol the ship’s corridors, repairing things and startling the crew.

Farscape is a great show and would make an awesome LEGO set! Please support if you love Farscape or just like the set! Farscape forever!

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