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This country house is my latest creation and it was quite fun to do it,adding some awesome details like animals and features used in the country side.

Waiting for his girl friend, the farmer is holding some flowers for his beloved one, while she is passing the bridge she can see a squirrel in the big tree full of fruits as the little bird on the top can tell. In the front there is a fun swinging chair covered with fresh shadow. Surrounded with many plants and flowers, this cottage has a little river and a lake where a turtle lives, in the walls you have some features used in the country, like water tap to water the plants, or to wash up the horses, and a rope to hold on the horses on the backyard. Inside the house we can see everything that we will need to have comfort, a cosy bed with a lamp for reading experience, a jar of water, some pots and knifes hanging by the fire place, a table with a home made pizza, and a bottle of water.

The roof can be opened to access inside and all this details and animals as well as this lovely couple make this cottage very playable and joyful. 

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