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LEGO Architecture - BBC Television Centre

Television Centre at White City in West London was the headquarters of BBC Television from its opening in 1960 until its sale and closure for redevelopment in early 2013. As home to many of Britain's most well-known and well-loved television broadcasts and recordings for over 50 years, it's a building that's familiar to millions. As a distinctive, quirky and iconic piece of architecture - said to be inspired by a question mark sketch on the back of envelope - it's utterly unique, and inspires enormous affection from those who've come to know it: both up close and from the comfort of their living room over warm tea and buttered toast.

I was inspired to design this model by news of its impending redevelopment, which I understand involves the demolition of many sections of the complex as it now (as of January 2014) stands. I'm a great fan of the building - not to mention rather a lot of the programmes that were produced there over the years (Doctor Who, Blue Peter, I Claudius, Fawlty Towers, Children In Need, Comic Relief, Look Around You, The Goodies, Tomorrow's World and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to name but the tiniest of tiny fistfuls...)

Frankly, I'd love nothing more than to have seen it preserved as is, and kept in use as a rich and diverse 'dream factory' for decades to come. But in lieu of that possibility - or a personal fortune with which to make it so - I thought it would be nice to at least try and faithfully capture the iconic facade of Studio 1 and the 'doughnut', while recreating the '?' form as it now stands. A classic piece of Lego architecture that can double as a piece of wall art, with both commemorating its soon-to-be-lost 'definitive' form.

Did I mention it's full of curves, swirls, and awkward angles? As such, I'd expect it to be a very satisfying model to build, just as it's been enormous fun to try and do it some kind of justice as a Lego-based design.

I think it does, and I sincerely hope you do too: either way I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback, and my thanks in advance should you choose to Support the project.

But thanks anyway for reading to the bottom!


[UPDATED 12.01.14 - details added over central wedge, images replaced with Blender renders]

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