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Cruiser and Bike Trailer


Whether you what to enter a competition, got time off work, it’s the Christmas holidays, or just want to go on a weekend trip. This latest and greatest Cruiser is what you need, buy now and live life on the edge.

This is the latest 4wd on the market. A major improvement to your neighbor’s old second hand 7635 SUV. This new model features better aerodynamics, air intake, and an integrated off road spotlights on the roof. Also included is a towbar, because you can’t have a truly good time without your bikes.

That’s right, buy now and get a free bike trailer. With room for two bikes, all the accessories and a built in toolbox; this trailer is an essential.

Anyone who enjoys off-roading, camping, or is looking for a bit of adventure to spice up their life, must buy this great vehicle now. If this isn’t for you, tell your friends, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.