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Flying Octopus

This cute flying Octopus set is so easy playing and fun
The family animal looks like octopus, butterflies or just friendly aliens from outer space.
Which 3 sizes, there is a kind of evolving forms and each one is getting more and more flexible, colourful and smart:

  • Let's approach the small one (15 lego bricks only) - two big eyes and up / down moving head - ready to grow and meet new friends
  • The medium size (35 lego bricks) has a complete backbone, 4 wings and 2 back fins - So cute as well, with colour spots to dance and call for fun
  • The largest one (80 lego bricks) has a more developed "skeleton" with 5 "vertebrates" , a rotating head, 6 wings 2 fins (which are also articulated) and 2 terminal palms. Much more coloured, this master flying Octopus is just relaxing freely in the space

As most of fins / wings are connected with 1 single pin to the backbone, they can move a lot and take many positions
White and blue are basic colour - just to look as neutral and light as possible - They look also delicate that make them loveable.
Colour spots can be option, but they makes Octopus funnier.

We can imagine they are crossing here and there, looking for a fluppy place to land.

The idea came from using rotating lego bricks as a backbone and adding arms / head in a harmony way. Starting from the large octopus, idea goes further to develop medium and small sizes - just like a family but anyhow playing with one or two is also fun.

I hope this set is also attracting you.

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