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Blacktron BP-3142

After 14 months of trying to terrorize the galaxy by himself, and rally a fleet of space pirates 10,000 strong, the Black Peral was drifting, lost in deep space, with only a few hundred supporters on his space pirate contact list.  All hope looked lost, when a mysterious transmission started playing on the intercom.

"Nice ship, and the colours look almost right" said the unidentified voice "join us, and we will upgrade your ship and give you a chance to return to the LEGO systems that spurned you, with your new BLACKTRON allies at your side".

Before the transmission had ended our pirate had already made up his mind, and pulled out the yellow and black spray paint.

After a quick colour change, and some new tech added by the Blacktron engineering team, the Blacktron BP-3142 was born.  

Although a unique ship in the growing Blacktron fleet, M-tron, Futuron and the Space Police soon came to know, and fear, it's profile when it appeared on the horizon.


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