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Honda Civic Coupe 2020


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This is the Honda Civic Coupe 2020! It's my second larger-than-minifigure-size LEGO car, and my first one that is based off of an actual car.

This LEGO model of the Honda Civic includes,
Opening doors
Turning front wheels (not connected to the steering wheel)
An opening hood, and realistic engine
An opening trunk, with cargo space
Adjustable side mirrors
Folding front seats, so people have access to the back seats
Approximately 1200-1500 pieces

Why I Chose The Civic:
You might be wondering; why choose a Civic when you could choose an awesome supercar? In my defense, the number of brands that make supercars that we can actually submit on LEGO Ideas are very few. At the moment the only ones I can think of are BMW, Mercedes and Koenigsegg. Since LEGO is already making Speed Champions and Technic sets of the major car brands, I had to figure out something else to make. Another issue is that a lot of supercars can be pretty tricky to build, with a bunch of weird angles and curves.
But what mostly influenced my decision to make a LEGO model of the Honda Civic is that the newer models actually look kind of cool, especially for how cheap it is compared to pricier luxury cars. I also feel like there's a good chance I would buy this car in the future, sometime after when I'm old enough to drive (less than two years!!).

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