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Venice Canal Modular With Rialto Bridge


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Have a canal run through your Lego City! Take a Gondola through the beautiful city of Venice! Welcome to this new concept of Modular, with buildings on both sides and a canal in the middle. You can keep the Modular closed to fit in your street of Modulars or open it a quarter way to fit the famous Rialto bridge in the middle for a nice depth perspective of the Modular. You can even open it all the way to put it on a shelf in your living room, or you can even reverse the Model. It’s beautiful from all angles!

I built this set to add another dimension to the Modulars, I wanted to combine the Modular line with the Architecture line. It would be cool if your Minifig could walk around in famous buildings. By adding a canal you also create a whole new network within your city, having your Minifigs travel by boat and enjoying the scenery.

The set features: (left to right: Hotel Rialto, Palazzo Doge, the Rialto Bridge, Palazzo dei Diece Savi and Palazzo die Camerlenghi. To make the set work I had to play with scale, the front has about 6 stories to look like micro scale size. Yet the buildings only have 3 stories inside to work with Minifig scale. The Rialto bridge is also suited to work with both micro scale and Minifig scale.

The set features 8 characters:

- The Gondolier with his own Gondola and a ticket office below Hotel Rialto

- You can't picture Venice without a Jester, dancing and juggling around the city.

- A painter of the city, can you name any famous Italian painters?

- Mr. Handsome, with Italian charm, who also works at the newsstand.

- An Architect (part of the newlyweds couple), designing Italian villa’s.

- The lady in red (part of the newlyweds couple), with her cat.

- An ice cream seller, Italy has the best ice cream.

- A pizza chef, who doesn’t like a good pizza!

You might have seen the original version of the Venice Canal Modular, sadly it never made the 10.000 votes. In the meantime I’ve had time to make improvements, there is always room for improvement! Changes made to the previous design are:

- The depth of the buildings is now 8 studs instead of 6, increasing the indoor floor space.

- The rear of the buildings is now closed off all around, but with large windows for access.

- No matter how you place the building in your modular city, a Minifig can cross from one building to the next using the bridge. Beneath the dark grey building you can make it water or sidewalk, depending on what works best with your city.

- I got rid of most of the tan and replaced it with white for the bridge, the hotel is now Coral.

- The height of the building is more in line with most Modulars 10-6-6-2 bricks.

- The pizzeria got a major upgrade with a large awning, sign and windows.

- Both alleys are now 4 studs wide connecting directly to the bridge.

- All pieces are updated to 2019/2020. There are a few new parts/colors required by Lego.

- The set counts 3000 pieces (same as a regular Modular), in stead of the previous 2000.

The Venice Canal Modular has 3 famous landmarks hidden in micro scale, can you spot them all?
You can post them as a comment.

Have fun!

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