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Just Cruise Taxi's

This is my Just Cruise Taxi's, s a taxi and shelter project! 
As this is a playset its changeable; the taxi doesn't have to be the set companies taxi, you can change the pieces out to suit whichever company you want,  the way that is possible is I have designed the taxi to have printed pieces, but if you look inside the shelter you see a poster with taxi company names and numbers, so you can change to any of those companies. 
The vehicle itself 8 studs, 6 studs wide and 5 bricks, 1 stud and 1 tile high, and altogether 226 pieces.
Up to 2 figures can be seated.
Objects can fit in the trunk of the car or, there are places on all 4 sides of the seats where your parts can go. The back of the car has been designed specifically for the trunk so it has enough room to open up.
At the front of the taxi I have designed a gear stick using a microphone and a picture,I made, of the numbers on an actual gear stick. There is also a taxi fair tile too. underneath the fair tile is a controls panel and either side of that are a couple of speakers. I have also designed a new number plate too. 
Onto the shelter, it has been made from 108 pieces, it's 19 studs long, 10 bricks and 1 stud high and 8 studs wide. Inside is a bench and a telephone for calling taxis. On the back wall you is a pin board I made with a few posters and adverts for businesses. Next to that is a poster with taxi names and numbers.
A Just Cruise Taxi would make a great addition to anybody's Lego city. Imagine yourself, gliding your minifigures around in this amazing taxi, or making them wait in the amazing taxi shelter, so please show this small project some support and don't forget to share it with friends and family. Thank you!

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