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Walking Excavator


Walking excavators work in mountainous and inaccessible areas. They move the legs in a way to adapt best to the current situation and work even in very steep and rough spots. No other excavator can work in such challenging locations. New generation of walking excavators are equipped with 4 wheels, allowing simple relocation in flat areas.


This model features four fully movable legs (tilt and pan move) with one wheel on each leg. The front legs are equipped with additional mountain stabilizers, which give the excavator additional traction and safety when working in very challenging environments.  


Additional Features
- The telescopic boom extends the working radius.
- In addition to the normal shovel movement, the shovel can be tilted to work on steep slopes.

Technical Details

Length with completely extended boom: 65cm (25”)
Maximum height: 33cm (13”)
Track-width: 13cm to 35cm changable (5” – 13”)
Degrees of freedom: 16

The model is inspired by “Menzi Muck”, a Swiss manufacturer of walking excavators.

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