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Morse Code Machine (Key)

Morse Code Machine (Key)


Morse code is a system for representing letters and numbers by the arrangement of dots, dashes, and spaces. The codes can be transmitted by electrical pulses, sound, mechanical signals, or visual signals, such as flashing lights.
The original Morse code system was invented by Samuel F.B. Morse during the 1830s and was further improved by Alfred Lewis Vail, Morse’s assistant and partner. To remedy some deficiencies of the original code, a variant called the International Morse Code was devised by a conference of European nations in 1851.
It was extensively used in maritime, air transportation, and for wired or wireless communication.
As modern technology prevails today, Morse code is still used by aviation, maritime, radio amateurs, general public, and as assistive technology, helping people with a variety of communication disabilities.

International Morse Code

1. Length of dot is one unit
2. A dash is three units
3. The space between parts of the same letter is one unit
4. The space between letters is three units
5. The space between words is seven units

A   . -
B   - . . .

C   - . - .
D   - . .
E   .
F    . . - .

G   - - .
H   . . . . 
I     . .
J    . - - -
K   - . -
L    . - . .
M   - -
N    - .
O    - - -
P    . - - .
Q   - - . -
R   . - .
S    . . . 
T    -
U   . . -
V   . . . -
W  . - - 
X   - . . -
Y   - . - -
Z   - - . .

1   . - - - - 
2   . . - - - 
3   . . . - - 
4   . . . . -
5   . . . . .
6   - . . . . 
7   - - . . . 
8   - - - . . 
9   - - - - . 


The Morse Code Machine (Key) is a functional LEGO set design allowing for a playful learning experience for anyone interested in Morse code and / or bringing more proactive and exciting interaction in their play with a variety of existing LEGO sets and models. The Morse Code Machine (Key) is built with all standard LEGO bricks.


Every kid loves the idea of a secret code and secret messaging between friends, classmates, brothers, sisters, siblings, e.g., pig Latin, invisible ink, hand signs, number coding, cipher wheel, and many more are systems used by kids for fun, intelligent play and social interaction.
The Morse Code Machine (Key) gives them a connection between beloved LEGOs and a globally accepted coding system used for over 160 years. Furthermore, while playing, it can improve rhythmic precision, focus, and creativity in a 3D environment.
Countless people around the world, of all ages (parents, grandparents, siblings…) are proud to know, use, or have been exposed to the Morse code. They are gladly willing to play and share that knowledge with kids and youth. So, there is no need for training schools. “Teachers and instructors” are readily available in kids’ playrooms 24/7.


Imagine the fun of building your own secret code functional machine and learning International Morse Code. Play and communicate, in a room full of people, but only you and the person you’re playing with understand your messages. 

While you are playing with your other LEGO sets, you can send messages, distress signals, and emergency instructions to your fleet of LEGO boats and aircrafts, or to characters in your adventure sets.
Imagine this: Imperial Forces used their newest technology and destroyed all electronic communication systems of the Rebel Alliance. The only way to communicate is by light Morse code signals.
Send a status message to your playmate by using detachable flags.
Remove the gray tile(s) to attach mini figure(s) or other LEGO accessory of your choice.

The build

The Morse Code Machine has 205 bricks with a medium level complexity to build.
Approximate dimension: (L) 7” (175mm) x (W) 3.5in (90mm) x (H) 3.5” (90mm).
It is has a very rigid base and precise and reliable movements between push-back shock absorber and the light brick. Red light brick can be replaced with orange light brick (standard LEGO), or it can be replaced with a buzzer brick (which appears to be discontinued by LEGO at this time). Sets should include laminated International Morse Code chart and a small instructional booklet with sample coding, e.g. S.O.S., Lets play, I know where Mom hid cookies …
It will be ideal to have modified 1x2 gray tiles (36 in total) with a letter/number Morse codes imprinted, to replace rear-end 2x4 gray tiles I used in design for convenience and in order to eliminate the printed chart.

What you can do?

Do you like Morse Code Machine (Key)? 
Let’s make it happen! Help us by voting and sharing it with you friends and social media. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions leaving them in comment section. Come back on a regular basis to follow updates and developments.

Thank you!

Let's try it! 
Decode my message below.

. - . .      .      - - .       - - -              . . - .       - - -       . - .       .       . . . -       .       . - .


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