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Animal Tree


I have another project of small builds of different types of animals, I wanted to create a simple scenery that combines some of them into one believable scene.

So you can see a snapshot of a scene where the center of it is an old tree, it stands on the end of a garden. In the garden there are some flowers and carrots and a white rabbit eating one. Outside the garden, you can see a bear trying to reach a bee hive with a little bee on it. On the other side there is a little woodpecker trying its luck to find something inside the tree. There is a squirrel trying to hide some berries it found on the bottom of the tree. The tree itself is a home to 2 snails, a big one on the top and a small one on the bottom. And finally there is a blue bird who stopped to rest on the top of the tree.

What do you think guys?

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