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The Battle of Kashyyyk - Republic Jungle Outpost


During the Battle of Kashyyyk, the GAR placed small outposts in the jungle to intercept droids who entered the perimeter. Often accompanied by BARC speeders and AT-RTs, the troopers task was as important as it was deadly.


My set idea includes a platform with weapons rack, scanner and jamming device, two automatic defense turrets, a hologram projector, a BARC speeder, two STAPs and 6 Minifigures.

Piece count:

Platform, projector & turrets: 123 pieces
STAPs: 36 pieces
BARC speeder: 73 pieces
Minifigures: 36 pieces
Total: 269 pieces

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1x B2 Super Battle Droid
2x B1 Battle Droid
2x 41st Legion Trooper a.k.a. Sarlacc Battalion Trooper
1x Luminara Unduli (Hologram)

NOTE: Luminara is actually transparent-blue, but she wouldn't be visible in the screenshots if I had colored her properly.

The BARC Speeder and a defense turret (can turn left/right and up/down).

The soldiers inform Master Luminara Unduli about the attack with the hologram projector. The outpost also includes a scanner, a jamming device and a weapons rack.

The droids fly their attack on STAPs.

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