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ViaMobilidade 8900 Train (Metro of São Paulo)

Hello! In this project, I present you the ViaMobilidade 8900 series train!

Since January 2022, lines 8 - Diamond and 9 - Emerald of São Paulo's metropolitan railways (part of the metro system) are operated by ViaMobilidade, which inherited the lines from the state company CPTM. Since then, they announced that 36 new trains would become part of the fleet of the 2 lines. These are the 8900 series trains, manufactured by Alstom also in Brazil. With a beautiful look and design, having the diamond-grey and emerald-green colors of their respective lines, the trains also come with a lot of great technology improvements.

I especially like this train because I've been a user of line 8 - Diamond for my entire life, and knowing that we would have new trains made me very happy, so I wanted to make these trains in a LEGO version.

The LEGO version of the 8900 train includes:
  • 849 LEGO bricks
  • Removable top for visualization of the interior
  • Complete interior with seats
  • Train operator's cabin
  • Signalization board of the Osasco station, where lines 8 and 9 connect.

You can access the 3D model of the train on Mecabrics through the Link

Thank you very much for checking my project!

Renan from Cidades de Blocos

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